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WiggleButts Doo Doo Buddy

WiggleButts Doo Doo Buddy

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Trash cans not always immediately available on walking routes? Have no fear! Our WiggleButts Doo Doo Buddy is here :) Simply clip this hands-free poop bag carrying device onto any Wigglebutts leash (or any leash with a ring at the top for easy clip-on) and slide your used waste bag through the center. This way your leash carries the stinky bag and you are back to your walk! Made with nontoxic durable rubber. Easy to put on and remove. And most importantly, small in size but ROBUST in hold!

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2.5in by 2in. Suitable for use with any dog size! Small in size, ROBUST IN HOLD!


Nontoxic Rubber

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